Frecuently asked questions-FAQ

How to order?

Customers have the ability to make all his orders from the website: order you must do the registration process. Once registered you can access the buying process, in which solictará you to choose a method for you to receive the order and method of payment.

What is the minimum purchase?

The minimum purchase is 1 decal, which costs  6.00 € including VAT (excluding shipping).

When start the activity?

We have opened the site to the public on March 1, 2013. We expect the same activity is high thanks to your contributions, suggestions ....

I can get the components on the market?

You can get all the basic components used in freakmodeling at any hobby shop, except the decals and square cannon. The decals can be bought on our website now. The square guns ...... we'll see.

It is necessary to know something of your world invented to make the models?

The world invented "Terrascratch" is only contextualization. Up to you to go straight to the models ignoring this parallel world or help us develop a new world of imagination and models

I can upload my pictures of models to Freakmodeling?

Yes, you can upload your images for registered users. In the top menu "User Gallery" you will see a drop-down to access the picture upload page. Once you upload the image in the default category of users, or one created by you and it passes the verification of the webmaster, you'll see it published in Freakmodeling. If you are not registered user must perform the registration process. Go ahead and share with us your work!

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