Armour camouflage


Camouflage patterns combine:


        • camouflages with spots
        • camouflages with straight edges stripes (Splinter)
        • camouflages with dots


Camouflage schemes are identical for different environments, varying the colors used. Therefore, Ernubien camouflage combines stripes and dots of Brown Cupola, Green Cupola and Dirty Yellow for Terraverda; stripes and dots of Dirty yellow, Violet Cupola and Orange Cupola for La Franja, stripes and dpts of Cupola Grey, Green Cupola and Dirty Yellow for Serengrey. The colors of camouflage Armour camouflage and uniforms color´s are the same 


Secondary countries use the same colors as main countries, and tend to follow their camouflage patterns.



Official schemes have uneven use at the battlefield, marked by logistical and temporal availability. In periods of calm and well-respected logistics official schemes rules. However, in periods of action and logistics overwhelmed, camouflage patterns and paints use varies greatly.


Some examples of camouflage patterns:


COUNTRY 5939-5970 5970-
  F.S.V.   Spots
  Spots rectangles
  Noro   Spots profile
  Inve   1/3   Splinter Tri
  Ernubien   Colador   Splinter Leopard
  Sefarbien   Spots Colador Clouds
  Spots Splinter
  Sudterra   Spots Bi   Splinter Colador
  Norterra   Splinter Bi   Splinter Rectangles
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11 Inve armour camouflage 1/3 5938-70
12 Noro armour camouflage Spots 5970-
13 Noro armour camouflage Spots Outline 5938-70
14 F.S.V. armour camouflage Spots Rectangles 5969-
15 F.S.V. armour camouflage Spots 5939-69
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