Main countries armour cards

Some considerations:

     Armour description: first component is chassis, second is turret.        


Md-43: Tiger I + JS 2 (chassis + turret)

Osos Nórdico: Chieftain + M-60 (chassis + turret)

TK-12: Type 74 + Leopard I (chassis + turret)

  •     MBP requires a minimum of 5000 units production
  •      Apart from MBPs, each country develops other models not so successful and lower production tanks, experimental models and failed prototypes not referenced in this category.


  •      Secondary countries under all alliances uses variations of the main countries models. 
  •      Blueprintns of each MBP, unless otherwise indicated, shows initial models.



Most turrets and chassis fits perfectly, however, others not: the turret is superimposed on the driver's hatch, on a fan or some other chassis elements. Assembly requires a small adjustment, an easy solution: simply lengthen the turret base adding a plastic circle. 

Step 1 - Check turret-chassis fit.
Step 2 - Add plastic circle on turret´s base.
Step 3 - Fill new turret´s ring with putty.





 You can download here armour models by country: Modelos_ de_ blindados_ por_ países.xls



Some examples:



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1 Ernubien Tank Oso Blanco: P40/Matilda
2 Ernubien Tank Oso Gris: Tiger II/IS-3
3 Ernubien Tank Oso Negro: Panther/Tiger I
4 Ernubien Tank Oso Nórdico: Chieftain/M-60
5 Ernubien Tank Oso Panda: Challenger/Abrams
6 Ernubien Tank Oso Pardo: CharB1/Stuart
7 F.S.V. Tank TK-10: IS-2/Pershing
8 F.S.V. Tank TK-12: Type 74/Leopard 1
9 F.S.V. Tank TK-15: Leopard 2/Merkava
10 F.S.V. Tank TK-4: M13-40/M3 Lee
11 F.S.V. Tank TK-7: T-34/Sherman
12 Inve Tank Cimitarra: Chaffee/Crusader
13 Inve Tank Estoque: Churchill/KV-1
14 Inve Tank Falcatta: Cromwell/P40
15 Inve Tank Hacha: Ariete/Type90
16 Inve Tank Katana: Leopard 1/Chieftain
17 Inve Tank Machete: Stuart/BT7
18 Inve Tank Sable: IS-3/M-48
19 Noro Tank Amapola: Chi-Ha/Somua
20 Noro Tank Clavel: Type 90/Challenger
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